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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunny Southern Califnornia!

We planned a trip to see our friends, Bran and Ang, and also to see Great Grandma! How we loving planning to see our friends and family! We both had a three day weekend and decided we would head down to Southern California to see them. Back at home is was cold and gloomy and most of the ride there...

 We stopped at McDonald's for a quick snack, and to stretch those cute little legs!

Back on the road, (thank goodness for our double tv's in the back, lifesavers!!)

So Xander thought it would be funny to turn the tv off with his foot, causing both tv's to turn off, or he would hit the FF or REW buttons, drove Austin crazy! When I told Xander to stop doing that and to be nice to the TV, this is the look he gave me:

It's the "I didn't do it" look! Little stinker! He's lucky he's cute!

This is Xander not 5 minutes later! Out light a light!

Xander with his daddy, every time he's somewhere new, he is really quite and shy and stays really close to either mommy or daddy, until he warms up to you...

Boys brought their library books with them...

Xander eating some delicious apple slices with daddy :)

Austin was relaxing by the fire, enjoying everyone (Gosh, I can't believe how big he is, time really does FLY by!)

The three amigos: Bran, Damon, and Baby Xander!

Austin and Dylan reading books together :)

I think Daddy was upset that Mommy kept taking pictures of him :)

We had a great time visiting our friends :)

Library Fun!

My sweet Austin has been asking to go to the "liberry" for a couple of weeks now. He told me he wanted to get books about rockets and planes, he is totally 100% boy! So Friday afternoon we headed downtown to the library! What sweet fun we had! He was so excited the whole way there! He really couldn't believe we were actually going to the library!
He waited very patiently in line as we waited to make it official!
I snapped some shots with the shiny new card :)
Look at all that excitement in his face!
And now we were on the hunt for books about rockets and planes!
We read and looked at all the pretty pictures together!
It was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon with the sweet little boy who loves me unconditionally :)

We came home and daddy read with the boys :)

We brought home 12 books on rockets and planes :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cookie Monster!

In true cookie monster fashion, here are a couple of shots I took of Xander, yes, cookie in hand...

 don't you just love those pj's? so cute! snagged them up real cheap at Carter's

This is probably his second or third cookie...sweet little man!

Hope you're all having a GREAT day!