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Monday, February 7, 2011


While I came home for lunch today, I received a text message from my brother reading "Did you hear what happened to Mrs. Nelson's daughter? She was in an awful accident and didn't survive"

(Mrs. Nelson was my English teacher in high school, very sweet, everyone LOVED her!)

I hadn't heard anything, so I quickly pulled up the local newspaper online, and I am horrified at what I read...

I have this immediate urge to go and see my boys, I just want to hold them. I didn't want to return to work for the other half of my day. I just didn't. I had to see their sweet faces... 

But the reality was that I couldn't. I had to go back to work and finish my day (although I don't know how I did, I wasn't really "present") but after work, I went and picked them up and all was good again. The pangs I had in my heart just seemed to melt away, with their kisses and hugs.

I have thought about Mrs. Nelson and her family all day today. My mind has been there with them all day. This is an awful and difficult time for them, may God bless them with peace during this time.


  1. Not sure how I stumbled here tonight ... my heart and prayers are with you and Mrs. Nelson's family. So hard to loose people in our life, especially in such an awful way.

  2. hey, you commented on my site and so I wanted to pop over and see yours! Your boys are super cute! I'm so sorry to hear about Mrs Nelson's daughter - so sad! My heart breaks just thinking about losing one of my kids. I will say a prayer for their family. I will go upstairs right now and give smooches to my three babes as they sleep. These are good reminders to never take a moment for granted.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my site today. Hope you come back and visit often. What a sad story..defintely makes you hug your children a little tighter.