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Mommy of two very busy boys! I am so blessed to have my little family! I love anything that is sweet :) From foods, to fabric, and crafts, I love it all!


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cookie Memories

While on my weekly grocery trip to save mart I stumbled upon these cute little cookies, I knew the boys would love to help bake these! My little Xander went to stay with tita this night (yes, the boys would literally live at their tita's house if they could) so Austin and I decided to bake a little sweet treat before bed!

Check out how happy and excited he is! Gosh he is getting so big!!
I forgot to get a picture of all of us eating the cookies! Oh well, they were yummy!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Yummy! My favorite cookies ever are chocolate chip! Those look way fun!

  2. Michelle, just checking in on you. Noticed you have written in a few days. Hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend. :)

  3. Replied back to your comment on my blog. No pressure or anything, but it would be awesome to have a facebook or twitter account for you. ;)

  4. I hopped on over from whatever blog..
    your little boy is adorable.
    And your wreath.. is so cute!
    Im going to have to make time to try to make one..my kids would love it!
    cute blog! :)