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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have been in pain for a while now, I had an accident at work, and have been miserable since...don't get me wrong, I have had my good days, but i haven't had one whole day where i have been pain free. And that is hard...it's hard because i am a mama to these sweet young boys, and truth is they need a mama that is 100% better...

...so i try every single day to wake up with a smile for them, to be at my best, and show them that I have no pain and no fear, truth is, some days aren't so great..

...as i sit here in urgent care waiting to be seen so they can give me another pain killer to "take the edge off" I think of them, and how horribly unfair this is to them...I promise to try harder, and to be a better mama for you both, my sweet little ones I wake up for every single morning...

...kind of a random thoughts post, my mind seems to be everywhere these days, writing helps me forget about the pain...even for a little bit ;)

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  1. Oh Michelle, I am so sorry. I can sympathize greatly. I was in a mountain biking accident and suffered a great amount of pain afterward. It is difficult to feel torn between the pain and your normal duties as a Mom. You will have to rely on the help from others, especially your husband during this time. You need to heal so you can be there for your children after. Don't feel guilty, I know it's easier said than done. Some of the best advice I could give you is to accept help from others. I hope you have a support group of friends or a church family you can rely on to help you. Not too long ago I suffered from frozen shoulder syndrome. It was some of the worst pain I have endured ever. I finally broke down and asked my Mom to come and help me. She came and we had the best time together. She helped with the kids & chores while I healed. Having her here helped me from focusing on it like you said writing does. Prayers and hugs for you. :)