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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Got my toes in the water....

This is our second year going camping at the lake with our friends the Frames! We always have a blast! Now packing and the VERY long trip there(6 hours if you drive it straight, but we have little ones so add another 2-3 hours) is not so much fun. I do this every year--I wait until the day before we are scheduled to leave to pack for the boys and myself...why i haven't learned my lesson is beyond me! Maybe next year? One can only hope! Now i wish i would have gotten some pictures of the tornado that literally blew through our living room, clothes EVERYWHERE, suitcases all on top of the couch, I mean really?

It is a lot of work and planning to pull off a successful vacation! But none the less the next morning we were off! Damon wanted to leave at 7am Friday morning, I didn't want to be the glass-is-half-empty kind of girl, so I didn't say anything (I never thought it was possible to leave the house at 7am, I mean really, us leave on time?) so Friday at around 9:15am we were out the door!

Fast forward 8 hours later and yes, we finally arrived at our destination! We were ALL ready to be there, the last 30 minutes or so really seemed like an eternity! I am so glad we were all there and ready to have a great time! While Damon and I unloaded the car, the kids got to playing with the Frame Boys, at about 7pm we had our first meal out under the stars! What fancy gourmet meal did we have that first night? Hotdogs. Yes, hotdogs. It was a VERY long day traveling, so we thought we'd take it easy on ourselves. The kids didn't care one bit, they were just happy to be there!

The next few days were a real blur, not because we didn't have a fun, we just didn't have a concept of time, or what day it was. When the kids got hungry we ate, when the boys wanted to go hiking or shoot something with daddy's gun, then they would. We had smores, almost every night, and told ghost stories around the campfire...I must admit, it was very nice. All cell phones were turned off and kept inside the trailer (although it did take me a couple of days to really "let go" of it).

One of the days we were there (I couldn't tell you what day exactly) it was a little cold and windy, not really the "beachy" weather we had envisioned. We loaded the kids up in the car and we headed into town (which is about 25 minutes from the campsite we were at) to have some pizza! Who doesn't love pizza right? Well the kids had no complaints on dinner this night,  everyone ate and was happy ;) On our way back to the campsite, we came across this place called "Bubba Jump" Well we couldn't resist an indoor jumpy jumpy place! It was like we were at Disneyland! Everyone (yes, even the adults!) had a blast jumping!

As soon as we got in the car and drove back, yes, knocked OUT!
this is me "roughen it"

gotta love string cheese 

On our last day there, the boys played outside, while Damon and I packed (not fun!) It was ALL worth it though! We all had a blast! Can't wait to do it next year!
all packed and ready to go home

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